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New iPhone Leak ‘Confirms’ Apple’s Radical Design

Gordon Kelly , CONTRIBUTOR
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It might just happen. In a year where Apple AAPL -0.91% will reveal three all-new iPhone X models, by far the biggest excitement surrounds the budget-friendly one. And now new information suggests this really is the iPhone we should be spending/saving our money on…

Following its big scoop last week, accessories retailer Mobile Fun has been back in touch with me to expose new renders of Apple’s entry-level iPhone X spin-off as well as CAD drawings showing its remarkably compact design.

Leaked render of Apple’s budget-friendly new iPhone

At this stage, it is worth pointing out Mobile Fun’s source is once again case maker Olixar. This is good news because Olixar is acclaimed for leaking accurate designs of the iPhone X (source), Galaxy S9 (source), Galaxy Note 8 (source), Galaxy Note 7 (source) and iPhone 7 (source) well ahead of launch.

So what do we learn? That this new affordable iPhone X might just be the model millions of users have been waiting for.

In short, Olixar’s new images show a hybrid of the original iPhone SE metal chassis but updated with a glass back (for wireless charging) and bezel-less iPhone X-style front with Face ID notch. As with the iPhone X, Touch ID has been removed to allow the screen to be substantially enlarged.

How big? This is perhaps the most exciting part.

With confusion reigning over whether this is a 5-inch ‘iPhone SE2’ or a larger circa 6-inch model sometimes referred to as the ‘iPhone X SE’ (neither name is likely to be the official one), Mobile Fun has obtained a pair of CAD drawings which show the new iPhone has the same size chassis as the iPhone SE.

iPhone SE 2 CAD image shows almost identical size to iPhone SE

Given the iPhone X manages to fit a 5.8-inch display in a chassis about the same size as the 4.8-inch iPhone 8, this strongly suggests Apple is working on a 5-inch design. This is backed up by Mac Otakara’s latest sources while the ever credible OnLeaks, aka Steve Hemmerstoffer, states he is hearing the same thing though he has cannot as yet confirm the reports.

Personally, I still have my doubts that Apple would bring so much technology to the budget model of the range. But if Apple is indeed planning to launch iPhone X-inspired models at 5-inches, 5.8-inches and a widely expected 6.5-inch monster, then I expect fans will be very happy indeed